Here you can see how ceiling pyramids are produced in our domestic workshop.

The ceiling pyramids consist of a turned spindle and plywood subjects. These are arranged in three planes, each has six pieces. The height is about 60 cm. The pillar is made of hardwood and coniferous wood. Gedrechselte Spindel
Laubsägearbeiten, (Ausschneiden der Motive) The motives are transfered to the plywood by carbon paper. After that you are start to saw out. At first the external contours have to be sawn out. Afterwards an aperture will be bored in the inner openingsin order to lead through the saw blade later.
Each aperture is individually cut out. Of cource that will take some time. After that the surface will be ground and polished. Finally a nippel will be glued to the pieces for fastening at the spindle.

We would ask you to inform about the product range of ceiling pyramids and looking forward to your order.