Terms of payment and delivery
§1 Dispatch: For each order we have a charge of 6,70 € for transport. All deliveries are always on invoice and at risk of the consignee. We are not liable for damages. An insurance for transport can only be concluded on customers request and calculation of the spended fees. We reserve the right of partial deliveries. In the case of delay in delivery compensation can not be claimed.
§ 2 Complaints: Those are recognized if that will be claimed in writing within 8 days after receipt of the goods.
§ 3 Prices: All prices are gross prices including value-added tax ex factory except costs for freight and packing. Therefor the costs for dispatch are different. The prices of the German Post for your country and the pertinent costums formalities are valid.
§ 4 Payment: Our terms of payment are Cash on delivery and cash with order. Payment on receipt of invoice is not possible.
§ 5 Deliveries return: That needs our consent in advance and it has to be well packed and without charges for freight and packing. We will refuse receipt if the package was sent unpaid.
§ 6 Transport damages: You have always to inform the competent transport company about transport damages. This is also valid if the transport damages are not to be seen at first sight.
§ 7 Recycling: The consignee is not allowed to deduct costs for recycling and packing from the invoice.
§ 8 Far away-sentence-law (retraction-right with far away-sentence-contracts): the consumer i.S.d. § 13 BGBS is entitled a retraction-right with far away-sentence-contracts. After standard of the far away-sentence-law, it has the possibility from one month after receipt of the ware to take back the contract without reason. The retraction can take place in text-form or through return of the ware; to the period-maintenance, the timely dispatch suffices at: Andy´s Onlineshop, Andreas Saalbach Ernst - Thälmann - Str. 42, 08066 Zwickau 

By exercise of the retraction-right carries the consumer up to an order-value of 200, - Euro the return-end-expenses. Depreciations from due application are to be reported from the consumer, unless, the decrease is to be attributed merely to the examination of the ware. Depreciations can become avoid, if is treated the merchandise carefully.

§ 9 Property: The delivered good are our property until they are completely paid. You have to inform us immediately about unauthorized persons who keep the goods.
§ 10 Place of jurisdiction: For both partners Zwickau is the place of jurisdiction.
§ 11 Place of destination: Place of destination for delivery and payment is Zwickau.
§ 12 Terms of delivery: Difficulties because of reasons beyond our control, strike, lockout, etc. Exempt us from delivery in time respectively observance of arranged prices. In that case compensation can not be claimed.